Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kylie + Garibay = AMAZEBALLS !!

After the release of their EP Sleepwalker released back in September 2014, Kylie Minogue & producer Fernando Garibay teamed up together yet again, releasing their second collaborative effort in the name of "Kylie + Garibay" . The EP consisting of three tracks Black and White, If I Cant Have You & Your Body, showcases how 'uncommercial' songs can sound so mainstream & obsessive at the same time.

The EP came bursting in from nowhere, with no teaser (or not even a warning to control our ecstasies) leaving fans in a state of frenzy. The tracks also features vocals by Shaggy, Sam Sparro and producer Giorgio Moroder as well, which really is a cherry on top of a fantastic work done. After lending her vocals for Giorgio's track "Right Here Right Now" for his album Deja Vu, Kylie wanted Moroder to produce a track for the EP, which resulted into "Your Body" , the final track off the release. The songs sound pretty groovy yet having a dark twisted element to it, which makes it very complimentary. Not to mention Kylie's seductive voice & thumping beats that obviously entices one to hit the repeat button.

Same day after the release of the EP, an official video for the track Black & White was unveiled and...... *DEAD*

The video gives me Lana Del Rey vibes, incorporated with certain flexi dance moves one could watch in Sia's music videos. 'Nuff said. Watch it below:

You can buy this astounding EP from the iTunes link down below. Be informed, its gonna get you moving.


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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

When We're in the dark.. Anything is possible.., (Part 2)

.......Continued from Part 1


This blogpost is a trip down the memory lane recalling all those crazy moments that we'd happened to enjoy, in the 'Sexy' KISS ME ONCE ERA. Read on THIS post to start with, or if you'd already done with that, go on...

After the much anticipated release of INTO THE BLUE, Kylie performed certain intimate gigs for some tightly packed audiences, in secret venues, premiering some of her new tracks from her KISS ME ONCE Album. Check out some of such performances:

Kylie also performed three of her album tracks Into the Blue, Beautiful, Kiss Me Once, Beautiful, and her hit Cant Get You Out of My Head on a special Spotify session. Spotify users can stream it HERE

And after a long wait, on 14 March 2014 (BiGG DaY!) KISS ME ONCE was offered to the world. Mind checking out the full album, if you havent already? Check out this video to listen to all the songs from this masterpiece album (Credits to Youtube user Bonnie Oyer for the upload)

Dont have the album yet? BUY from any of these stores:

The deluxe edition of the album contains the bonus tracks Mr. President and Sleeping With the Enemy.

2 Singles were released from the album. First being Into the Blue, & I Was Gonna Cancel. Sexercize was released as a promotional single and Sexy love was released as an Australian Radio Single. Beautiful (ft. Enrique Iglesias) was slated to be released as a single, but later the plan was scrapped due to 'Political' issues. The track ended up being released as a Radio single.

Speaking of promotional single, Sexercize received some really cool (yet Raunchy!) promotion in the course. A music video was released for this song plus the fans were also treated with other exclusive videos and content that were offered via a dedicated website for the song! Visit for more!
Meanwhile, check out the video of Sexercize right here! (PG) . It received quite the attention actually!

Mind checking out the videos for Into the Blue and I Was Gonna Cancel too? Well, just in case if you havent ;)

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

When We're in the dark.. Anything is Possible...


Lemme start off with my sincerest apologies for my absence, for an incredibly long period of time. Too many crazy things have been happening in my life and its not always as possible to keep things together as we think of, most of the time. It would be outrageous to the least, if I'd asked whether I missed something, seeing to that Kylie's KISS ME ONCE Era is almost complete by now.

My last blog post was in 2012. Time flies. At a pace that's unimaginable and its horrid that I deserted my blog since then. So, to compensate for the lack of my blog's consistent presence, I had some couple of thoughts about what I really had to do, to give it a second birth and I ended up with the idea of putting up a post which sums up everything that had happened in our Pop Princess' KISS ME ONCE Era. I hope this would interest you and makes it a pleasure for you all to read & enjoy! Thanks. x


Puckered Lips. Stilettos. Rain.. Sensuous Appeal. And even more LIPS. That's how Kiss Me Once Era shall be put in a nutshell.

Back in 2012, Kylie Parted ways with her longtime manager Terry Blamey (Terry Blamey Management) & little later in 2013, she made this surprise announcement that she had joined Rapper Jay-Z's ROC NATION Management coaster alongside other artists such as Rihanna, Shakira & Timbaland, as she wanted to "Shake Things Up". Media & fans equally speculated if she's taking herself back into her acting career or if she's changing her direction of her genre of music, until her latest record was dropped.

The announcement of her new album, left all her impatient fans enthralled & curious about her new music that she was making, after her well received LP APHRODITE, released back in 2010.

Kylie had worked with some of the amazing producers and hitmakers in the music industry, throughout the making of this album, some of them being Darkchild, Fernando Garibay, MDNA, & so on. Kylie herself & Sia Furler executive produced the album. (Thanks Sia for your confirmation!). A whopping 100 tracks were recorded for this album, out of which 13 tracks were chosen for the record.

Kylie teased her fans with this Instagram upload captioned:

"Happy New Year #Lovers....I wish you all the best and can't wait to share new music with you in #KM2014 ❤️💋❤️#IntoTheBlue"

Days after, Kylie made the announcement that her Twelfth studio album is called as KISS ME ONCE and the lead single is INTO THE BLUE.

Right since the announcement, fans have gone into a twitter frenzy, updating all of their DPs with a blue shade (that includes Kylie too hah!).

This electronic dance song was written by Kelly Sheehan (@madamebuttons), Jacob Kasher (@JacobKasher), and Mike Del Rio (@MikeDelRio), with latter who produced the track.

Cant help it without appreciating Kelly Sheehan's generosity and kindness, in patiently replying to all those curious tweets & questions of ours, about the song & album... That gesture left us really pleased and appetized. <3

A 30 Second clip of the song & moments later, the full track was leaked on a Tumblr page ahead of its official release.The song premiered on BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce show, with the Single's cover art unveiled on the same day.

The official Lyric Video and music video of the single followed. The song attained critical acclaim & fared well in the charts. WATCH them Below:

Just in case you dont have the single yet, INTO THE BLUE shall be purchased from the following Stores (Click on the links to view and buy)

KYLIE STORE  (CD & Digital formats)

iTunes (Album)



7digital (2 Track Single)

Remixes always spice up a tune & the INTO THE BLUE Remixes EP is no exception. This has made the track reach the Number ONE Spot on the US Billboard Dance Charts.

KYLIE STORE  (CD & Digital formats)




The B-Side track of this single is called SPARKS, produced by the amazing Karen Poole (Producer of Kylie's 2012 hit TIMEBOMB). Funny because she didnt know that the song was chosen to be put in the single until fans told her about it haha. Good for you, Karen! :D


Got any memories to share? Lemme know! ;) xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012



Probably one of the best gifts, Pop princess Kylie Minogue can present to her loyal fans for their everlasting support & love they have been giving throughout her glorious career..! This extraordinary pop ballad, written by Minogue herself, was supposed to be released on her 10th studio album X, but it did not make it to the album tracklist. However the song premiered on her KYLIE X 2008 concert which was well received by fans & became their immediate favorite too.

This was where it all began:

Since then, they were all waiting for the song to have a proper release but unluckily it did'nt happen. However No one (or even Kylie may be) did ever imagine that the song would be released as a SINGLE, four years (Yes ! FOUR YEARS !! ) later !!! 
So in the midst of the celebrations of Kylie's 25th year anniversary in music , the news that the song would be released as a part of her orchestral compilation album THE ABBEY ROAD SESSIONS, turned out to be greatest !
Prior to its release, Minogue performed the song on the 2012 BBC Proms in the park, along with certain other songs from the Abbey Road album. 



Kylie: "So all the super fans are you happy now ??!! "  Yes Kylie WE ARE ;)

On 25th september 2012, the song was released as a K25 Surprise via the Tweet-to-unlock Campaign wherein 25000 tweets containing the hashtag #KylieFlower were required for the release of its music video. And finally, we have it here !! 


Guess what.. FLOWER Video also marks the directorial debut of Kylie !! Talented she is ! 

Physical format of the single is also made available but wait not, coz its restricted to only 5000 copies worldwide!  Physical Single has been released on 12th November 2012.Order yours HERE
I know one day.. You'll amaze me... <3

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Kylie: The Abbey Road Sessions

UPDATE AS ON 10 OCTOBER 2012: Album Preview:
Any Kylie fan can be assured that it would'nt be possible to contain the excitement once they get hold of the Audio sampler released on Kylie's official Youtube channel. The video below gives a preview of all songs on the album. Its really REALLY outstanding !! 

Hot news out !!

Kylie's new album "The Abbey Road Sessions" is releasing on October 29, as confirmed today. The album features 19 tracks : all of them being the acoustic versions of her greatest hits ! The song "Flower" (which premiered at the Kylie X 2008 Concert) is the lead single for the album which was released on September 25, 2012 !

The album will be released in 3 editions: CD Album, Vinyl + CD & Deluxe edition: booklet + CD (only at ) & digital download as well !!

The release schedule:

October 24: Japan
October 26: Germany, Australia
October 29: Worldwide
November 6: USA

Album cover art :

The press announcement :

Kylie Minogue releases her brand new album “The Abbey Road Sessions” on Parlophone Records on October 29. The album features sixteen tracks, all radically reworked, spanning Kylie’s incredible 25 year career. The album was recorded in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios with Kylie’s band and a full orchestra. Nick Cave re-recorded his vocal on the famous duet, “Where The Wild Roses Grow”, especially for the album. Other highlights of the album include a wonderfully poignant “Better The Devil You Know”, the ever-amazing “Confide In Me”, a sultry “On A Night Like This”, a joyous “All The Lovers”, the beautiful “Finer Feelings” and a version of “The Locomotion” which swaggers with true 1950’s panache.



The Album is available for pre-order, so grab your copy NOW!! GO HERE

Yay! Excited ! Excited !!

Happy K25 ! :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Year As Aphrodite (Tour Documentary)

(UPDATE as on 15 August : For those who missed watching the show.. it is now available for download for your viewing pleasure !

Go to any of these links:

Kylie: My Year As Aphrodite (Release BB)

Kylie: My Year As Aphrodite (Deposit Files)

Enjoy ! )

The Aphrodite tour documentary directed by Jimmy Simak will be premiered on SKY LIVING on Tuesday, August 14 at 10PM (UK Time).. A one off show that's not to be missed !

The official trailer:

The show can be caught up live, online through the website

Aphrodite Les Folies (Aphrodite Live) was Kylie's biggest and the most spectacular concert ever done, which was a huge critical & commercial success thereby addressing Kylie as one of those legendary musicians in the music industry.

UPDATE AS ON 9 September:

For those who could'nt get hold of the TV broadcast or file downloads (Links above), you can watch it on Youtube. (Thanks to Youtube user blackoutgeo for the uploads )

Happy viewing !! Enjoy :)

2012 Kylie Fashion Moments

Very recently, Kylie uploaded some really gorgeous pics on her Facebook page in the album " 2012 Fashion Moments " showcasing her fashion at its best ! Just a quick rewind to such stylish moments..Love them all !

First off, this one's from the Locarno Film Fest: 

This one's during her Timebomb & Best of album promotion tour in Los Angeles, USA. Wow !

This one's from the Cannes Film Festival... My personal favorite coz she looks so angelic... <3 (Roberto Cavalli costume)

And finally, this one's during the opening ceremony of the London gallery.. (Stella McCartney costume)

Yet another proof that age is no matter to Kylie... :)

Lovers love you Queen Kylie ..